Three Cheers for Master

We played Three Cheers for Master last night…finally. I bought it when it came out and we’d never had the time/place/frame of mind to get into a game. FINALLY, last night we were able to make it happen and we had a lot of fun. I definitely see needing...

Clean Up Microsoft Word in Vim for HTML

Sometimes I get these Word docs that need to be used in WordPress or PHPlist. Sending out mass attachments is a huge no-no so I needed a way to quickly clean these things up in vim. I’m sure there are other tools out there that could do this in one or two clicks...

rest in peace

add_action ( 'wp_head', 'sir_terry' ); function sir_terry() { $clacks="<meta http-equiv=\"X-Clacks-Overhead\" content=\"GNU Terry Pratchett\" />"; echo $clacks; }

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