Month: February 2015

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Bekabug: progress! Bekabug: do not be fooled by Nature Valley’s square soft baked oatmeal bars. grimapples: i shall not Bekabug: it’s a cookie. it’s not breakfast.

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frozen solid

It’s a roasty toasty 70° here in the living room. When we redo the fireplace, electric logs are now 100% out of the question. Yesterday, Lowe’s was selling $700 troybilt generators like they were nothing. Calling...

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treadwear Jasper is getting the benefits of being the second and the first. Benjamin kicked a bunch of the new off of me as a mom. Not to say that...

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2 observations upon moving out of Maryville: Maryville is cooler than you think it is. Maryvillians are the laziest, most spoiled drivers anywhere, period. Regarding my first observation, Maryville is getting better and better...

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