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I can’t tell you how many productivity books I’ve read and their main booster was to wake up at 5am. Yeah? Well I wake up at 5am so I have time to leave the house at 6 so I can get to work by 7.

If you fight for your excuses you get to keep them so I’m going to try getting up at 4am for a while. It’s kind of nice. Not even the dog wants to wake up this early so I should be able to be very productive.

I tried a sleep app that is supposed to wake me up at the optimal part of my sleep cycle between 4 and 4:30. It woke me up at 4:37 so I must have snoozed it without waking up at all. So then I laid there, arguing with myself that my “plan” was doomed. 7.5 hours isn’t enough so fall back to sleep and get that extra sleep. Then the good half piped up that I would feel terrible if i slept for another tiny bit and it would be even harder to wake up the next time (she’s right).

The only thing I did was start the coffee 15 minutes early and write this blog post. I haven’t written a post in over 6 months so it’s not nothing. It’s a start.