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Day 1: Assess your sitch + make goals.

  1. I do have systems in place but I rarely use it. It almost always seems like it’s more effort to set everything up in The Hit List than it is to do the project but I realize I’m kind of an idiot and can convince myself of damn near anything so I talk myself out of an important step. I need to be using it and take 10 minutes to set up the projects correctly and then follow through with the outline.My files and email, however, are meticulously organized (because God help me if I lose something).
  2. I have these massive checklists for projects that go from planning, development, launch, and post launch. They need to be updated, desperately.
  3. I need a “fun” goal to keep my brain amused so…I need to find colored poly folders for different projects
  4. I need the NAS to be my cloud repo. Need to set that up in DynDNS and use it. Dragging and dropping stuff with DropBox is getting to be a bummer.
  5. Setup Priority Matrix. I need Dailies M-F, Saturday & Sunday, Internal Projects, Billing, and Personal.
  6. Redo corporate website.
  7. Find and use a habit helper (app, accountability partner, etc.).
  8. Migrate to a new PIM (1Password)
  9. Devote 4:45-5pm each day to these goals and the daily task (minimum)

Day 2: Clean your computer desktop.

This took HOURS. I had files from 2009 on there. @_@

Day 3: Delete unnecessary files from your computer

Didn’t delete unnecessary files but I moved ancient project files to the NAS

Day 4: Delete unused media from your website and blog folders.

Deleted my “Skitch Uploads” folders

Day 5: Refresh your about page.

Completed July 2, 2014

Day 6: Clean and organize your email.

I actually keep up on this. The first half of 2013 has been filed.

Day 7: Declutter your physical workspace.

Day 8: Organize your client/project process.

Day 9: Analyze each pending project for the time + emotional commitment vs. the value it adds.

Day 10: Excuse yourself gracefully from any pending projects/commitments that are going to drain you.

Day 11: Create organized folders for each client/project.

Day 12: Clear out your blog of stuff that doesn’t really fit your brand anymore.

I deleted everything and started over.

Day 13: Audit your current services and products.

Day 14: Analyze your brand image for anything that needs to be refreshed/replaced.

Day 15: Set up an accounting system that works for you.

Day 16: Clean up, analyze, and finalize your vision + mission statement.

Day 17: Delete apps on your phone that you don’t use.

Day 18: Donate clothes and accessories that don’t fit your creative/professional image or that you don’t use.

Day 19: Donate or recycle any old tech/tablets/phones/supplies/tools that you do not see yourself using.

Day 20: Make a list of the business goals you want to accomplish by this time next year.

Day 21: Audit the people you follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc.

Day 22: Unsubscribe from email lists that you haven’t read in months and that never seem to say anything valuable/relevant to you.

Day 23: Update the descriptions of all your social media profiles.

Day 24: Audit your static website pages.

Day 25: Audit your boards on Pinterest.

Day 26: Audit your recent/prevalent social media links.

Day 27: Audit your Facebook and Google+ page.

Day 28: Clean out your work bags or briefcases.

Day 29: Develop a custom version of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks checklists for your business.

Day 30: Discover/develop a calendar system that you will actually use.