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It’s a roasty toasty 70° here in the living room. When we redo the fireplace, electric logs are now 100% out of the question. Yesterday, Lowe’s was selling $700 troybilt generators like they were nothing. Calling after all this is over to see what we can do to equip us with some natural gas lines or a tank. Relying on dumb luck and kindness has gone a long way so far. Hate to press my luck.

Jasper is confused but hanging in there the best one could expect a rambunctious 16 month old to. We got so stir crazy we started shoving batteries into every clock radio, trying to get some news. Turns out the only one with a working radio, while running on batteries only, was my hello kitty teacup clock. Hah!

I love WIVK in an emergency.

The crazy blizzard at noonish was something to see. Zero visibility, total whiteout.

I called SUB again at 2p and she said their plan is to have everyone on tonight, no guarantees it will happen or if it does that it will stay on. I gave the lady I spoke to our street and she sort of paused a moment. Asked me for my full address, name, and phone number.

Here a little bit later, they are in our neighborhood. Fingers crossed.

Earlier, I took the Canon out and snapped a few pics. The ice on everything is very beautiful; especially when the sun was hitting it. Then the wind blows and suddenly it’s perilous. Groaning, creaking, stuff falling. Moved quickly and headed inside. I expect to lose more limbs out of these trees tonight. As long as they fall in the yard and don’t come through the roof or windows, I won’t mind.

A while ago I found a great pin for getting your emergency food prep on. 52 Weeks. Every week you buy one thing.

Well, my phone is about to die and I think I’m done rambling on. Stay warm, luvvies.