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Cloth Diapers On A Tight Budget

I hear it all the time… We thought about cloth but it was just too expensive. …and I totally get it. When I was pregnant and looking for advice I would see people with drawers FULL of pockets, AIOs, prefolds, every...

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frozen solid

It’s a roasty toasty 70° here in the living room. When we redo the fireplace, electric logs are now 100% out of the question. Yesterday, Lowe’s was selling $700 troybilt generators like they were nothing. Calling...

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treadwear Jasper is getting the benefits of being the second and the first. Benjamin kicked a bunch of the new off of me as a mom. Not to say that...

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i don’t do resolutions. i do things.

We’re over half way through January. That went fast! The weather here is starting to turn nice which gets me in the frame of mind to get out in the yard and do things! One of our Things is going to be the garden...

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Checking in

Wow. I should really get back on my ADHD medication or take some ginko biloba or something. dubbers Dub, the 10 year old doberman, is dying. Congestive heart failure. Which sucks so much because he’s probably not going to...

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