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Lately I have been scrambling to get better organized and save money. Those two things seem somewhat mutually exclusive. The main cause of our organizational issues is lack of space to put everything. Between my office, the living room, and Jasper we need probably 4 bookshelves. Jack and I need a new dresser.

This past black friday I treated myself to two things I have wanted for a while (because they were having amazing cyber monday sales). The first was YNAB (You Need A Budget). We need it. Desperately. I finally got around to setting it up this week and I’m trying not to be horrified at actually watching our money get sucked away by bills and things. It’s healthy, though. Sort of like a dental cleaning. It’s not pleasant at first, but who doesn’t love the way your mouth feels all clean and sparkly afterward?

The second thing was a year of Plan To Eat which is a recipe catalog/meal planner/shopping helper. Jack is less than enthusiastic about this one. He does all the cooking around here, you see. He’s amazing at it but what we are, collectively, not amazing at is planning everything so someone doesn’t end up going to the grocery store every other day. Now that Jasper is not on formula any more there’s wiggle room in our grocery budget.

I’m hoping once I get them both figured out and really working for us that I’ll be able to start saving money again for various things. Maybe we could even take another vacation. Pay off those credit cards! Get the chimney fixed! Start a Roth IRA. Yeah! Dave Ramsey is a bit smug for me to stomach too much of BUT Gazelle Intensity and Debt Snowballing are two concepts that obviously work so I gotta get after that.

I also signed up for the dollar shave club after nearly crying in Walmart looking at the Venus razor cartridges. $18 for FOUR. I wanted them so bad but I really couldn’t spend that on that. I ended up with the disposable ones and they were awful. I’m told if I take good care of these dollar shave club razors that they’ll stay nice and sharp and not chew my skin to shreds. Fingers crossed. 🙂