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The Universe tends to smack me upside the head when I need it. Sometimes I get blindsided, sometimes I go looking for trouble.

One of my projects is going to be a 5am Mommy live stream. Like a podcast but I want to be awake with other EST 5am Women with Kids (and save the stream somewhere as a downloadable podcast). Encourage one another to get up a little earlier and work on the things we love while the world is still quiet and dark. Nothing too crazy. 10-15 minutes. Maybe a quick check in, a shout out or two, a little secular devotional, encouragement to drink more water, then get on with your day.

Like I am doing right now. Up at 5am, blogging. And STARVING and cold. I could eat all the things in this house right now but only after dragging the space heater into a couchfort where I would sit with my fuzzy socks on, stuffing my face while dreaming of soup and spring.

Instead I am sitting cross legged in bed beside my mister and our son. Jasper is sleeping the glorious sleep of the innocent: sprawled, warm, safe.

And given that I often wake up ravenous I have empathy for him when he does the same (in roughly an hour and a half from now). It’s not fun. I would yell too if it were something other than laziness preventing me from filling my stomach.

I am preoccupied with food this morning but that is because I am going to make the most amazing soup for dinner. My mom called it goulash soup but it is so far removed from Hungarian goulash I feel it needs a better name.

So, I will christen it MeMe’s Ragù Soup. It’s basically my Mom’s spaghetti except…soup. Beef. Sausage. Tomato. Pasta. I’ve never made this recipe so I’m half winging it, half cheating off pinterest. I’m going to attempt this from (mostly) scratch. I know I am going to have to fudge it on the broth because we haven’t made stock in many months.

So those are my plans for today: work on the blog, flesh out the audio project, make soup. Enjoy your day, lovelies.