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2 observations upon moving out of Maryville:

  1. Maryville is cooler than you think it is.
  2. Maryvillians are the laziest, most spoiled drivers anywhere, period.

Regarding my first observation, Maryville is getting better and better all the time. I hated it with every fiber of
my being for so long. After going out west to NM and getting a little wanderlust, I resented it even more. Now that I have lived here in Sweetwater, I miss it. Sweetwater has her charms but it sucks.

And yeah, ya’ll lazy. I am an hour from everything except Wal-mart. Maryvillians can’t even fathom that and it wasn’t
all that long ago that they were 45 minutes from everything but a Hardees and Simple Simon’s was the hot place to eat after church. Ask them to drive beyond Maryville
city limits? “OH MY GOD! That’s like so out there.”

The laziness…I used to be guilty of it too. Now that it takes me an hour to get home from Maryville and about 45 minutes from
Knoxville? I see just how damn spoiled Maryvillians are with all their places to eat and shop and get gas.
You lucky dogs. People from Townsend…Lenoir City…Madisonville…they all know, too. No one wants to come to your house
because you’re so far out there. You might as well be on Jupiter. If you want to see anyone, you’re gonna have to gas up the car and hit the road.

PS Maryville, you know I love you. I’m just jealous.

PPS call me.