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How To Tell Someone Is A Man— Nicole He (@nicolehe) September 25, 2014

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2 observations upon moving out of Maryville: Maryville is cooler than you think it is. Maryvillians are the laziest, most spoiled drivers anywhere, period. Regarding my first observation, Maryville is getting better and better...

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by touch

My glasses finally gave up the ghost today. They’ve been in sad shape for 3+ years now. The left temple bar snapped so I replaced it with heat shrink tubing that I molded to curve around my ear. Then the screw on that side...

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The Universe tends to smack me upside the head when I need it. Sometimes I get blindsided, sometimes I go looking for trouble. One of my projects is going to be a 5am Mommy live stream. Like a podcast but I want to be awake with...

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30 Day Creative Cleanse Master Post

Day 1: Assess your sitch + make goals. I do have systems in place but I rarely use it. It almost always seems like it’s more effort to set everything up in The Hit List than it is to do the project but I realize I’m kind of...

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