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These are the highlights from my techo手帳 this week.

the good

  • fuego takis
  • joined a gym goal met!
  • had a client meeting that was fast and productive
  • mostly stayed on track with budget
  • j went to a gymnasium and had a blast. gymnastics is a yes.

the not so great

  • went to little dragons. goal met! (it was not a good night)
  • didn’t start on any new books. (must meet this goal next week!)
  • arctic blast boosted our power bill by $148

the bad

  • j had a night terror (first one, that i know of)
  • the government is still shut down

coming up next week

  • building shelves for mom so I can have my desk back.
  • go to the freaking library. seriously.
  • 7 minutes on the big treadmill.
(These kinds of posts are not the best but I need to get back into the habit of writing and the only way to do that is to write. Write anything, everything. all the writing, all the time. Sorry. Maybe they’ll turn into something good!)