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We’re over half way through January. That went fast! The weather here is starting to turn nice which gets me in the frame of mind to get out in the yard and do things! One of our Things is going to be the garden we’ve been planning for ages now.

But like the title says, I don’t do resolutions. I am a goal setter, by nature. I make lists and plans from the second I wake up to the moment my brain finally lets me get to sleep. Due to circumstances, for the last few years my monthly goals have been “Keep everyone alive” and “keep the lights on.” By that measure, we have been very successful. Things are happening though. Very slowly the wheels are starting to turn for us. Things and stuff.

Speaking of things that crawled in a hole and went into hibernation while we were in survival mode…Exercise. Yes. I can’t wait for nicer weather so the Mister, The Boy, The Dog, and I can go exploring. Of course there’s a whole other Project on the list of Things that goes along with this but I’ll wait to talk about that when it finally happens. Simultaneously very excited about it and completely procrastinating because wow it’s kind of a thing.

One major hazard I have been tripping all over and screwing up with is I need to stop eating so much food on the road. I have a 1-hour-each-way commute when I go to work at the office. If that was on a train, it wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately it’s a car ride, 22 minutes of which is completely saturated with places to stop and grab a bite. Arby’s, Bojangle’s, Zaxby’s, Taco Bell, and Subway; They all know my name.

We went to Walmart on Saturday and bought a huge (HUGE) order of groceries. It was so huge because Jasper needs more healthy snacks these days and so does mommy. As we were walking in I saw these Hungry Girl Foldit flatbread sandwich making products of sheer brilliance. I immediately thought they were perfect for my lunch blox kit that I hadn’t had a chance to use yet. They’re totally marketed at me. The whole thing. I was an instant sucker. The bonus? The rosemary and olive oil is delicious and the blox kit is perfect for me. I would like to say I’m going to try the other flavors of the bread but this one is so good, I will definitely buy it again and again.

I didn’t know there was an entire Hungry Girl line of stuff or even what it was. I’m pretty far removed from diet culture because I would really rather eat whatever the hell I want (piles of delicious, home cooked, whole foods based, meat and vegetables) and then lift heavy things the next day. I like the concept so I’m not going to turn my nose up at it, entirely. Eat more good food. Fill up on good things, not junk. Who wouldn’t want to get behind that?