Testing My Styles


I code, therefore I am. I am some code. Code is what I am.

Reconfiguring My Workflow

I want to use preprocessors and frameworks and stuff. Here’s now I’m going about it.

  1. Complete this guide : Setup Ruby On Rails on Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite
    completed January 23, 2015
  2. Install jekyll gem : http://jekyllrb.com/
    completed January 26, 2015
  3. Install codekit
    completed January 26, 2015
  4. Get a handle on liquid
  5. Get a handle on sass
  6. Install bourbon & neat
  7. Install git
    completed January 23, 2015
  8. Figure out git
  9. Sign up for groovehq and use it
    completed January 29, 2015
  10. Setup Frameworks folder on local
  11. Investigate whether or not genesis framework is worth getting and learning
  12. Get slack account and see if bossman is interested 


it’s a very exciting and confusing time with the gazillion frameworks, preprocessors, languages, and all the other stuff i’m learning right now. sass, ruby, git, jekyll, bourbon, neat, homebrew, liquid…

and lest you think i’m a one trick pony with my do-betterness for 2015, i even cooked dinner night before last and no one died.

i feel like my brain needs a heating pad and massage, though.

by touch

My glasses finally gave up the ghost today. They’ve been in sad shape for 3+ years now. The left temple bar snapped so I replaced it with heat shrink tubing that I molded to curve around my ear. Then the screw on that side popped out because the threads were stripped. So THAT was held together with a tiny piece of wire. Today the other screw on the other side suffered the same fate. Now I’m wearing 3 year old contacts and hoping I can get in somewhere soon.

Jasper is teething and generally inconsolable. His new favorite perch is on top of the bass amp. This would be cute if he didn’t sit up there and yell.

I’ve got my Ragù Soup going. Listening to the new Decemberists album while cleaning and waiting for the crockpot to do her magic.


The Universe tends to smack me upside the head when I need it. Sometimes I get blindsided, sometimes I go looking for trouble.

One of my projects is going to be a 5am Mommy live stream. Like a podcast but I want to be awake with other EST 5am Women with Kids (and save the stream somewhere as a downloadable podcast). Encourage one another to get up a little earlier and work on the things we love while the world is still quiet and dark. Nothing too crazy. 10-15 minutes. Maybe a quick check in, a shout out or two, a little secular devotional, encouragement to drink more water, then get on with your day.

Like I am doing right now. Up at 5am, blogging. And STARVING and cold. I could eat all the things in this house right now but only after dragging the space heater into a couchfort where I would sit with my fuzzy socks on, stuffing my face while dreaming of soup and spring.

Instead I am sitting cross legged in bed beside my mister and our son. Jasper is sleeping the glorious sleep of the innocent: sprawled, warm, safe.

And given that I often wake up ravenous I have empathy for him when he does the same (in roughly an hour and a half from now). It’s not fun. I would yell too if it were something other than laziness preventing me from filling my stomach.

I am preoccupied with food this morning but that is because I am going to make the most amazing soup for dinner. My mom called it goulash soup but it is so far removed from Hungarian goulash I feel it needs a better name.

So, I will christen it MeMe’s Ragù Soup. It’s basically my Mom’s spaghetti except…soup. Beef. Sausage. Tomato. Pasta. I’ve never made this recipe so I’m half winging it, half cheating off pinterest. I’m going to attempt this from (mostly) scratch. I know I am going to have to fudge it on the broth because we haven’t made stock in many months.

So those are my plans for today: work on the blog, flesh out the audio project, make soup. Enjoy your day, lovelies.

wherein I am stoked

I haven’t been interested in MacHeist for a while. Today I somehow randomly ended up getting sent to the anarchy bundle. Not only do they also haaaaate the Mac App Store (seriously. a lot.) but codekit for $14. Yay for charity bundles.

i don’t do resolutions. i do things.

We’re over half way through January. That went fast! The weather here is starting to turn nice which gets me in the frame of mind to get out in the yard and do things! One of our Things is going to be the garden we’ve been planning for ages now.

But like the title says, I don’t do resolutions. I am a goal setter, by nature. I make lists and plans from the second I wake up to the moment my brain finally lets me get to sleep. Due to circumstances, for the last few years my monthly goals have been “Keep everyone alive” and “keep the lights on.” By that measure, we have been very successful. Things are happening though. Very slowly the wheels are starting to turn for us. Things and stuff.

Speaking of things that crawled in a hole and went into hibernation while we were in survival mode…Exercise. Yes. I can’t wait for nicer weather so the Mister, The Boy, The Dog, and I can go exploring. Of course there’s a whole other Project on the list of Things that goes along with this but I’ll wait to talk about that when it finally happens. Simultaneously very excited about it and completely procrastinating because wow it’s kind of a thing.

One major hazard I have been tripping all over and screwing up with is I need to stop eating so much food on the road. I have a 1-hour-each-way commute when I go to work at the office. If that was on a train, it wouldn’t be so bad. Unfortunately it’s a car ride, 22 minutes of which is completely saturated with places to stop and grab a bite. Arby’s, Bojangle’s, Zaxby’s, Taco Bell, and Subway; They all know my name.

We went to Walmart on Saturday and bought a huge (HUGE) order of groceries. It was so huge because Jasper needs more healthy snacks these days and so does mommy. As we were walking in I saw these Hungry Girl Foldit flatbread sandwich making products of sheer brilliance. I immediately thought they were perfect for my lunch blox kit that I hadn’t had a chance to use yet. They’re totally marketed at me. The whole thing. I was an instant sucker. The bonus? The rosemary and olive oil is delicious and the blox kit is perfect for me. I would like to say I’m going to try the other flavors of the bread but this one is so good, I will definitely buy it again and again.

I didn’t know there was an entire Hungry Girl line of stuff or even what it was. I’m pretty far removed from diet culture because I would really rather eat whatever the hell I want (piles of delicious, home cooked, whole foods based, meat and vegetables) and then lift heavy things the next day. I like the concept so I’m not going to turn my nose up at it, entirely. Eat more good food. Fill up on good things, not junk. Who wouldn’t want to get behind that?


Lately I have been scrambling to get better organized and save money. Those two things seem somewhat mutually exclusive. The main cause of our organizational issues is lack of space to put everything. Between my office, the living room, and Jasper we need probably 4 bookshelves. Jack and I need a new dresser.

This past black friday I treated myself to two things I have wanted for a while (because they were having amazing cyber monday sales). The first was YNAB (You Need A Budget). We need it. Desperately. I finally got around to setting it up this week and I’m trying not to be horrified at actually watching our money get sucked away by bills and things. It’s healthy, though. Sort of like a dental cleaning. It’s not pleasant at first, but who doesn’t love the way your mouth feels all clean and sparkly afterward?

The second thing was a year of Plan To Eat which is a recipe catalog/meal planner/shopping helper. Jack is less than enthusiastic about this one. He does all the cooking around here, you see. He’s amazing at it but what we are, collectively, not amazing at is planning everything so someone doesn’t end up going to the grocery store every other day. Now that Jasper is not on formula any more there’s wiggle room in our grocery budget.

I’m hoping once I get them both figured out and really working for us that I’ll be able to start saving money again for various things. Maybe we could even take another vacation. Pay off those credit cards! Get the chimney fixed! Start a Roth IRA. Yeah! Dave Ramsey is a bit smug for me to stomach too much of BUT Gazelle Intensity and Debt Snowballing are two concepts that obviously work so I gotta get after that.

I also signed up for the dollar shave club after nearly crying in Walmart looking at the Venus razor cartridges. $18 for FOUR. I wanted them so bad but I really couldn’t spend that on that. I ended up with the disposable ones and they were awful. I’m told if I take good care of these dollar shave club razors that they’ll stay nice and sharp and not chew my skin to shreds. Fingers crossed. :)


Checking in

Wow. I should really get back on my ADHD medication or take some ginko biloba or something.


Dub, the 10 year old doberman, is dying. Congestive heart failure. Which sucks so much because he’s probably not going to randomly drop dead. He’ll hang on for every last head scratchy and bowl of food until we have to decide that he’s had enough. I can’t even think about it.


This kid amazes me so much. He’s so delightful and sweet. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of the little boy he’s going to be…of the teenager…of the man. He’s going to be wonderful. World: You are welcome.

I haven’t been home much this week and he’s just taken off as far as his mobility and his fearlessness. He’s climbing on the fireplace, the ottoman, the chairs, the dog, the home theater…you name it, he’s tried to scale it.

One of our last methods of containment was the baby walker. He’s now figured out how to climb out of it. All we have left is the high chair and the crib. There are certain expectations for those areas so I’m hesitant to overuse them even if it does earn me 3 seconds of peace.


he and i are going to have to get together and make an office happen. I really want to be able to record a few projects. We’ve been in the house 1 year and things are still very…chaotic. We have a toddler now so I see things staying “interesting.”

tiny house

The tiny house is doing well. We were worried all the water from the front of the house was because rain was somehow going under the shingles or something. Turns out, the downspout was stuffed up. Fearless Jack got up on the ladder and took care of it. He also took care of an ENORMOUS wasp nest in our utility shed and another in the lattice of our back porch. I haven’t been brave enough to go check it out but hot damn. Love that man for taking care of that.



ori is doing well. I think she has fleas so I need to get that sorted out soon. With her liver issues she shouldn’t have a ton of chemicals so it’s tricky. She also needs a haircut.


So we bought a new-to-us car for hauling Costco orders, Jasper, gig gear, and just whatever we need. 2005 Dodge Magnum. I’m loving it. I really enjoy having a hatch back and getting Jasper in and out of it is so much easier. It has lights in the back…which I am unreasonably excited over because the Cobalt doesn’t have a dome light. It has 77k miles on it and a few cosmetic booboos to go with it but I am smitten. I did buy the warranty the credit union offered, too. Just in case.


I have plans for this thing. I promise. Soon.

30 Day Creative Cleanse Master Post

Day 1: Assess your sitch + make goals.

  1. I do have systems in place but I rarely use it. It almost always seems like it’s more effort to set everything up in The Hit List than it is to do the project but I realize I’m kind of an idiot and can convince myself of damn near anything so I talk myself out of an important step. I need to be using it and take 10 minutes to set up the projects correctly and then follow through with the outline.My files and email, however, are meticulously organized (because God help me if I lose something).
  2. I have these massive checklists for projects that go from planning, development, launch, and post launch. They need to be updated, desperately.
  3. I need a “fun” goal to keep my brain amused so…I need to find colored poly folders for different projects
  4. I need the NAS to be my cloud repo. Need to set that up in DynDNS and use it. Dragging and dropping stuff with DropBox is getting to be a bummer.
  5. Setup Priority Matrix. I need Dailies M-F, Saturday & Sunday, Internal Projects, Billing, and Personal.
  6. Redo corporate website.
  7. Find and use a habit helper (app, accountability partner, etc.).
  8. Migrate to a new PIM (1Password)
  9. Devote 4:45-5pm each day to these goals and the daily task (minimum)

Day 2: Clean your computer desktop.

This took HOURS. I had files from 2009 on there. @_@

Day 3: Delete unnecessary files from your computer

Didn’t delete unnecessary files but I moved ancient project files to the NAS

Day 4: Delete unused media from your website and blog folders.

Deleted my “Skitch Uploads” folders

Day 5: Refresh your about page.

Completed July 2, 2014

Day 6: Clean and organize your email.

I actually keep up on this. The first half of 2013 has been filed.

Day 7: Declutter your physical workspace.

Day 8: Organize your client/project process.

Day 9: Analyze each pending project for the time + emotional commitment vs. the value it adds.

Day 10: Excuse yourself gracefully from any pending projects/commitments that are going to drain you.

Day 11: Create organized folders for each client/project.

Day 12: Clear out your blog of stuff that doesn’t really fit your brand anymore.

I deleted everything and started over.

Day 13: Audit your current services and products.

Day 14: Analyze your brand image for anything that needs to be refreshed/replaced.

Day 15: Set up an accounting system that works for you.

Day 16: Clean up, analyze, and finalize your vision + mission statement.

Day 17: Delete apps on your phone that you don’t use.

Day 18: Donate clothes and accessories that don’t fit your creative/professional image or that you don’t use.

Day 19: Donate or recycle any old tech/tablets/phones/supplies/tools that you do not see yourself using.

Day 20: Make a list of the business goals you want to accomplish by this time next year.

Day 21: Audit the people you follow on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc.

Day 22: Unsubscribe from email lists that you haven’t read in months and that never seem to say anything valuable/relevant to you.

Day 23: Update the descriptions of all your social media profiles.

Day 24: Audit your static website pages.

Day 25: Audit your boards on Pinterest.

Day 26: Audit your recent/prevalent social media links.

Day 27: Audit your Facebook and Google+ page.

Day 28: Clean out your work bags or briefcases.

Day 29: Develop a custom version of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks checklists for your business.

Day 30: Discover/develop a calendar system that you will actually use.